Response to Office Action

The trademark application will be examined by the assigned trade mark examiner.  If the examiner is satisfied with the application, it will then be accepted and advertised for opposition.

However, the examiner may raise objections to the application after examination.  He will issue a letter of first official action.  The applicant is required to file a response to the said letter within the stipulated time limit, usually it is six months but may vary depending on the substance of the objections, including but not limited to formality requirement, conflicts with other trade marks, and/or registrability of the trade mark logo in question.

If the response to office action is not filed within the time limit, the trademark application shall be deemed abandoned. 

A petition for extension of time for filing the response to office action is possible subject to payment of fees.

After receiving the response to office action, the examiner may issue a final refusal letter or suspension letter or acceptance letter depending on the circumstances.